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Sammie Xiao


Based in the heart of Silicon Valley, Silverstone Ventures Partners LP empowers startups working on emerging software & hardware technologies, medical devices, real estate, and more. We are a venture capital firm focused on supporting visionary founders at the early stages of growth. We seek transformative technologies and tech-savvy founders who are dedicated to creativity, vision, and impact.

The founder of Silverstone Ventures Partners LP, Ms. Sammie Xiao, is a first-generation US citizen and a minority woman. After completing her MBA in the U.S. in 2004, Sammie helped open the China operation for a major logistics and trading firm, serving as its Chief Representative and managing a 68-person team. She was able to achieve key distribution channels with well-known distributors and retailers, including Walmart, Carrefour, and IGA.

In 2012, Sammie joined Otis McAllister as Senior Director in charge of its Asia Pacific business. During that time, she forged valuable relationships with numerous major corporations, including Ghirardelli, Sam’s Club of China, and COFCO, China’s largest food company. In addition, she helped bring numerous California Napa Valley wines to Asia.

Over the course of her career, Sammie has benefited from numerous mentors, including Drayton McLane Jr., the Chairman of McLane Group; Dr. Thomas S. Haggai, the President of the IGA Coca-Cola Institute and Tom Haggai & Associates, Inc.; Craig Palmer, a major investor in Costco and the CEO of Palmer Age Management Systems; and Mike Julian, the former CEO of Farm Fresh, Virginia’s largest supermarket chain.

Because of her cross-border experience, Sammie understands the importance of bringing US brands to international markets. That’s why she founded her own company, CAS InterGlobal, in 2013. Through her efforts, CAS InterGlobal has been able to represent and successfully market dozens of major U.S. food brands around the world. CAS InterGlobal is also one of the few authorized international distributors for Kraft Heinz, the fifth largest food and beverage company in the world. Most recently Sammie became a recipient of the 2021 President’s ‘E’ and ‘E Star’ awards, a recognition of her achievement in U.S. export promotion by the President of the United States.

After spending more than a dozen years in Silicon Valley and founding several companies on her own, Sammie understands the challenges of getting a startup off the ground and scaling it up. That is why she founded Silverstone Ventures to provide startups with the resources they need to succeed. Sammie is also passionate about mentoring young entrepreneurs (especially minorities and women).

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